Disaster Recovery Band plays rock and roll songs from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and the 21st century. We’re based in the Triad area of North Carolina.

We have three lead singers, and we do kick-ass vocal harmonies that most bands are scared to even attempt. Check out our infamous mashups and jams!

The Disaster Recovery Band is:

  • Jim Herrmann – Band leader, vocals, guitar
  • Bo Barbot – vocals, guitar
  • Julia Houghton – vocals, keyboards
  • Charlie Murphy – bass
  • Shawn Mowrey – drums

We keep a clean and quiet stage profile. No amps–everybody plays directly into the mixer, including Shawn’s electronic drums. Our Bose PA system sounds great at a very wide range of volumes. In short: we can dial in our sound to exactly the space you need us to fill, without ticking off the neighbors.

If you are looking for a fun band for your party, bar, second wedding, or corporate event, then contact us using the form below: