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The spotlight hits you.
The crowd hushes and the band hits the first notes.
The stage is all yours.
You’re a Five Minute Rock Star

The DRB offers Five Minute Rock Star, the brand new live-band karaoke game that everybody’s excited about!

We will distribute a SONG LIST (80-ish songs and growing) and a sign up form. Potential rock stars will fill in an entry form and put it in the World-Famous Five Minute Rock Star Fishbowl. Twice a set, we’ll draw a name and bring that person up on stage to rock their heart out.

Getting into the action as a Five Minute Rock Star syncs any party into the band culture and we all become groupies.
–Scarlett Kitts, Five Minute Rock Star

I didn’t know I had it in me! And you know what? I WILL survive!
–Nikki Aquilina, Five Minute Rock Star

Best idea for a band ever!
–Tim Anderson, Five Minute Rock Star

Photography by ChaLyn Photography.